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Signature Roll

Bangkok Roll


Tuna, salmon, crab meat crunchy inside topped with tuna, salmon, eel, masago and eel sauce

O.M.G. Roll


Whole soft shell crab roll topped with chopped Jalapeño, crab meat, black tobiko flakes and unagi sauce

Double Fantasy


Fried crawfish, cream cheese, crab meat topped with shrimp, avocado with chef's sauce

Exotic Roll


Fried crabstick, cream cheese, crab meat inside topped with shrimp, mango, crabstick

Crazy Dog


Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, salmon inside topped with crab stick, tempura flakes, masago, and spicy mayo, eel sauce, hot sauce

Crazy Monkey


Banana tempura, cucumber, avocado inside topped with banana, avocado seared, mayo



Spicy cooked fish roll topped with spicy crab meat, Jalapeños and hot sauce



Shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber topped with crab meat, scallop, spicy mayo, mayo, hot sauce, baked eel sauce

Ocean Roll


Salmon, tuna, crab stick, avocado wrapped with soy bean paper and chef's sauce

Yummy Roll


Salmon, cream cheese, jalapeños

avocado, crab meat inside and deep fried, eel sauce, spicy mayo

Love Roll


Shrimp tempura, crab meat, cream cheese, avocado inside wrapped with soy bean paper, spicy mayo, hot sauce

Salmon Delight


Fried crabstick, cream cheese, crab meat inside topped with salmon, crabstick, avocado and chef's sauce



Crab meat, avocado, cream cheese inside deep fried, special sauce, eel sauce, masago

Texas Ranger Roll


Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, crunchy inside topped with tuna, crab stick, spicy mayo and hot sauce

What's Up Roll


Spicy tuna, spicy salmon, spicy crab meat, avocado inside topped with wasabi tobiko

Naruto (no rice)


Salmon, tuna, red snapper, avocado, crab stick rolled in cucumber, served with ponzu sauce

Butterfly Kiss (no rice)


Salmon sashimi wrapped around

cords of crab meat and avocado, served with ponzu sauce

Hand Roll (Temaki)

Hamachi (Yellow Tail)


Salmon Skin


Spicy Tuna


Shrimp Tempura


Magura (Tuna)


Sushi Dinner Special

Nigiri Sushi Combo


(5 pcs nigiri, 8 pcs California roll)

Served with Miso Soup

Deluxe Nigiri Sushi Combo


(7 pcs nigiri, 8 pcs California roll)

Sashimi Combo


(5 pcs sashimi, 2 pcs nigiri)

Deluxe Sashimi Combo


(7 pcs sashimi, 4 pcs nigiri)

Mix Combo


(5 pcs sashimi, 3 pcs nigiri, 8 pcs California roll)



(Assorted sashimi over a bed of rice in bowl)

Unagi Don


Smoked eel over a bed of rice in bowl)

Sushi.. Sushi